Course Instruction

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Dirt Bike School, Closed Range Exercise, course consists of 19 lessons including the Pre Course- Rider Check in & Registration and the Post Ride Check/ Dismissal. 

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Check in & registration

We start each lesson with rider check in, registration/ waiver completion. 

Minors must have a parent or guardian present to sign the registration/ waiver form.

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T-CLOCS & PRe Ride

Next we cover the T-CLOCS/ Pre Ride Inspection;

T-Tires & Wheels (air pressure, tread condition, nuts/bolts/fasteners)

C-Controls & Cables (location, operation, throttle, brakes, shifter, clutch)

L-Lights & Electrics (ignition switch, engine stop switch, lights)

O-Oil & Fuel (all fluids topped off, petcock on, air filter clean)

C-Chain & Chassis (proper lubrication/ tension, nut/ bolts/ fasteners)

S-Stand (kick stand retention, condition)



We then follow the MSF lesson plan, taking breaks as needed, allowing time for students to practice each skill on the range.

Lesson-1   Class Welcome/Introduction

Lesson-2   Range Signals/Rules/Warm Up

Lesson-3  Controls

Lesson-4   Engine Start/Stop

Lesson-5   Moving The Motorcycle

Lesson-6   Starting/Stopping Drill

Lesson-7   Riding Posture

Lesson-8   Shifting

Lesson-9   Lower Body Control

Lesson-10   Turning

Lesson-11   Riding Manegement

Lesson-12   Turning & Gap Selection

Lesson-13   Counterbalancing

Lesson-14   Riding Over Obstacles

Lesson-15   K-Turns

Lesson-16    U-Turns

Lesson-17   Traversing Hills

Lesson-18   Riding Responsibly



All Dirt Bike Academy Instructors are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to teach the Dirt Bike, Basic Rider Course, Closed Range Exercises. We are in the process of getting certification to teach the Introduction to Trail Riding course.