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At Dirt Bike Academy...

We strive to accommodate most students from ages 10 and up. Students under 16 participate in a separate class or family lesson and the parent(s) must be present during the entire course. 

We currently conduct classes at private locations in Ventura County

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About Brian Mussetter

Born in 1966 in Indianapolis IN, Brian's father was a motor sports photographer. Brian grew up on the oval dirt tracks all over the mid-west. His Father and Grand Father both road and raced dirt bikes as amateurs. Brian got his first dirt bike at age 10 and began terrorizing his suburban neighborhood, stealing gas from the family lawnmowers. In 1978 the family moved west to Truckee California where he learned to ski in the Buddy Werner Racing, program through the local schools. He also began learning observed trials on Donner Summit with Norm Sayler. He reached the level of expert skier and ski instructor/ski patrol at Donner Ski Ranch, while downhill ski racing for Donner Ski Team, his High School Ski Team and the Far West Ski Association. After graduation, Brian moved to Chico California to continue his education in communications, all the while, returning to Donner Summit on the weekends to work and race. After college, he moved south, to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Landing in Malibu, he got work right away as a commercial production assistant. By 1991-92 the long days and low pay of a P.A. had run its course and he worked his way into the camera department. Starting as a loader on low budget projects, he paid his dues on films and projects from Saban, PM Entertainment and Roger Corman movies. His first big break came loading cameras for pick-ups on the movie "The Sandlot." A full Union (I.A.T.S.E. Local 600) member by 1995, Brian began a 4-5 year run of Camera Assisting on Visual Effects/Miniature/Motion Control projects. 3 of which were nominated for Academy Awards for Visual Effects. Moving back into "Live Action" production by 1999-2000, he was attracted to the fast pace and excitement of the "Second Unit" on feature films, shooting stunts and action sequences. At the same time, he used his extensive motorcycle and camera background (he had begun competing again in 1996 in off road, desert, motorcycle competition) to get work as a Camera Motorcycle Operator. Riding Camera Motorcycles, Sidecars and ATV's, Brian worked on many commercials, features and TV shows, even covering the LA Marathon/Cycle Tour for 10 years. By 2003, he had moved into Stabilized Remote Heads, Cranes and Camera Cars and Camera Operating. Operating the "Moto Arm" from inside the Porsche Cayenne on "Talladega Nights" was a career highlight. Also shot in 2003, "Dust To Glory" was a great adventure and a proud project. By 2010, he had begun driving Camera Cars (Russian Arm) full time and in June 2012, was asked to run Camera Car Systems/Filmotechnic USA as the President. In 2014, Brian moved to Performance Filmworks, home of the Edge System Camera Cars as a freelance Precision Camera Car Driver. By 2016, he garnered a SAG/AFTRA membership and has worked on SWAT (TV) and a hand full of Motion Pictures.

Brian,  Michelle,  Keilani,  and  Kel  have  owned  and  operated  Dirt  Bike  Academy  since  2010.    We  enjoy  doing  this  as  a  family.    We  like  to  teach  our  students  that  they  are  in  charge  of  the  bike.